earth friendly cleaning
Be mindful, read labels, recycle and care.

Some easy questions: How Earth friendly is your cleaning? Do you provide your cleaning company with the products you want used in your building? If not, do you have them let you know what they use? Do your cleaners honor your company's recycling program? Does your vacuuming get done with HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners? ... 11-26-19

cleaning toilets thoroughly
It's not just about people with bad aim ...

The reason we carefully clean ALL surfaces in restrooms is because of high use, bad aim AND because of "toilet plume". (airborne feces and pee particles mixed with flushing water)
Air fresheners are odor cover-ups mainly useful for immediate odors. For a consistently good smelling restroom the trick is regular and thorough cleaning.
Proper thorough cleaning and sanitizing will ensure sanitary and fresh smelling restrooms.

Our process:
Cleaning all surfaces of the toilet, inside and out, and underneath, as well as wall areas on either side and behind each toilet.
Stall partitions...being sure to clean the sides and under edges - as drip will accumulate there.
Cleaning and sanitizing stall doors, sanitizing door closer latches and door knobs.
Cleaning mirrors including the top edges.
Cleaning under free standing sink edges and clean all crevasses around faucets and the overflow opening.
Clean and sanitize the dispenser covers and the undersides of hand dryers.
Cleaning grout well - floors and walls around sinks, etc.
Pouring water down restroom floor drains to keep dry drain odors from occurring...about once a week
Urinals: Being sure to thoroughly clean all surfaces - in the bowl, under mat and underneath the unit. Be sure to clean the divider or privacy panels...all sides and under them. Clean surrounding wall above, under and floors.
Empty, clean and reline sanitary disposal trash receptacles
Remove restroom trash and reline cans. Clean wall behind free standing trash cans and clean the cans themselves regularly.
Occasionally clean ceiling vents via vacuum.
Be sure to dust tops of stall constructs often.

employment available hiring now
We are hiring! Two part time positions are currently available. One day shift and the other is for evenings. If interested visit our employment page! To be hired you will be required to pass a background check. Qualities we are looking for: Honesty and reliability, and the ability to take instructions and follow through. Must be able to get along well with others and good communication skills are necessary. Prior cleaning experience is nice, but we can provide excellent training.
posted 4/12/19

detail cleaning tip
Here’s an easy simple tip for detail cleaning sink faucets: to get the crevasses really clean just use an old toothbrush dampened and dipped in baking soda to scrub clean around the base, behind the faucet base and around the handles. Rinse and to give a nice shine to the chrome wipe down with a spot of rubbing alcohol.

... The cause of that lingering “non-immediate” restroom odor is caused by what is being missed during cleaning. Knowing what and where to clean and how often is key to a fresh smelling and sanitary restroom. Also, if there is a floor drain, be sure to pour water down it weekly to avoid sulfur-ish drain odor.
Posted Mar 9, 2019

Snow melt/salt products placed outside of businesses during snow and icy weather can be a problem for your floors, causing a hazy sticky looking mess. Cleaning often and properly will improve appearance and help maintain the life of your floors. Be sure to first vacuum or sweep up salt crystals, then mop or auto scrub thoroughly using a mild vinegar solution in the first rinse then clear water as the final rinse. There are also some good neutral floor cleaners that work well too.
Posted Feb 17, 2019

importantance of walk off mats
Walk-off mats and carpet runners really help keep floors clean and add life to flooring and carpeting throughout your building. Why is having inside and outside mats at all your business (employee and customer) entryways is a smart idea? They help stop that dirt, dust, snow-melt residue, etc right at the doorway! Regularly scheduled vacuuming of these mats will certainly help maintain and extend the life of your floors and, of course, make your business look its best!
Posted Feb 8, 2019

First impressions -
From time to time “step back” and really LOOK at your workplace. Often when working in the same place day in and day out you develop blind spots to what is obvious to someone just coming through the door. Are they seeing clutter, smudgy door glass, dust, is there an odor…? Go ahead and take a good look and see with “new eyes" what can be improved upon. Pretend you are a customer or employee and think what impression of your business comes through. Yes, it is very worth it to have professional cleaning services done on a regular basis!
Posted Feb 1, 2019

Starting your year off on the right foot? A clean facility speaks to your customers letting them know you care about the details. A fresh smelling restroom well stocked with toilet paper on a regular basis is so important. Regularly emptied trash receptacles, clean entryways and floor…all things needing tending to constantly. Let a professional cleaning service take this load off your hands so you can focus on business! Spongebon Co – in Bellingham.
Posted Jan 5, 2019

clan restrooms good
Restrooms should be cleaned regularly and well by people who know how to do this. Your company restrooms should look and smell clean and tp, soap, sanitizers, and towel dispensers should never go empty. Today…Go ahead…check in there. How is it?
Updated Dec 4, 2018

Did you know vinegar is awesome for cleaning? It is environmentally safe and excellent to use around those with chemical cleaner sensitivities. It cleans and deodorizes very well, and the vinegar smell does dissipate fairly quickly leaving clean, sanitized and odor free surfaces. Make up a mix of 50/50 water/vinegar in a spray bottle to keep on hand. Be sure to label the bottle, as you would anything you mix up. Undiluted vinegar is good for those germy touch points, so a second bottle suitably labeled is a great idea.
Posted Nov 15, 2018

office cleaning help
Cleaning the whole office building yourself or having an employee do this after putting in a full day's work gets old real fast. But, having janitorial cleaning professionals do this for you instead is a wonderful way to wisely and appropriately distribute the workload ...with the best results ... consistently clean and healthy work spaces!
Posted Oct 26, 2018

Here are a few helpful tips for clean-smelling public restrooms: 1. Clean, clean, clean…all surfaces including under urinals. 2. Trash removal and tidying up…regularly empty all trash receptacles …so important. 3. Clean the mirrors…clean water splatter, hand prints …it reflects well on you! 4. Filling/re-stocking dispensers…not so fun to run out of toilet paper is it? 5. Sanitizing touch points …for health and odor busting. 6. Consistency…cleaning and maintaining often and regularly is key to opening doors to sweet smelling healthy go-to places!
Posted Oct 11, 2018

The thing about not only looks unsightly but it can be hazardous. Basically dust is made of dead skin cells, pollen, cloth fibers, paper dust, hair, airborne atmospheric contaminants, etc.. Breathing dust or coming in contact can cause problems in people, and their pets. Dust can harbor dust mites. Dust is hazardous to those with asthma or allergies AND even if you don't have sensitivities, allergies or asthma, breathing dirty air is just not healthy. Got it? Proper dusting techniques and regularly vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum will help keep dust to a minimum. Want help with this? Spongebon Co, in Bellingham!
Posted Sep 29, 2018

Meeting rooms, break-rooms, restrooms, lobbies, entryways…and all areas of your place of business need to be clean to visually upfront represent your company as competent, reliable, caring and professional. Don’t have time to stay on top of regular cleaning? Consider hiring a good local janitorial cleaning service!
Posted Sep 16, 2018

does your workplace smell
Does your workplace smell? Keeping restrooms clean and sanitized and garbage removal done on a schedule are best ways to combat odors. If the person responsible for these tasks does not do them correctly, over time, it will begin to smell bad. Professional cleaners know how to clean all surfaces and other cool tricks of the trade. Contact us for a free consultation and quote!
Posted Aug 25, 2018

Competent businesses make sure their guests experience clean and tidy reception areas and clean and fresh smelling restrooms. Leave these necessary daily tasks to professionals who will clean, sanitize, re-stock correctly and reliably.
Posted Aug 11, 2018

Air quality tip - Clean air makes for healthier employees, cleaner surfaces, and better appearance to your business. Cleaner air is also kinder to your computers, etc.. To keep dust levels down, doing regular vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum helps quite a lot. Damp dusting or microfiber dusting surfaces helps keep dust from going airborne while you’re cleaning.
Posted Aug 4, 2018

Safety Tip: Reaching/cleaning high-up places… when needing to use a ladder always make sure others are around- never climb when alone. Make sure the step ladder is in good working condition, set up on level flooring and never mount the very top step.
Posted Jul 23, 2018

HEPA vacuum
Vacuuming often with a good HEPA vacuum cleaner helps keep carpets in good condition, keeps dust levels down which helps maintain good air quality for a healthier work environment.
Posted Jul 11, 2018

sanitize touch points
A good way to combat illness in the workplace is to regularly sanitize touch points such as door handles, dispenser levers, light switches, stair railings, etc.. If your cleaning crew does not have this on their task list you might discuss this with them, as it is an important aspect to any cleaning service which you pay for.
Posted Jun 29, 2018

When cleaning, start with dusting...high-up to low. Then, get trash removed, sanitize, restock, vac, mop vacuum ...etc.. OR, if you want someone else to do it all for you, be sure the company you hire is professional, licensed, insured, bonded and come with a good reputation for reliability and thoroughness in their work.
Posted Jun 22, 2018

When everything works as it should, it helps your business to run smoothly. Areas and accoutrements within, such as lighting, soap dispensers, correctly flushing toilets, etc. , need to be in good working order, secure and safe. A good janitorial cleaning service crew will always inform you when something is wrong or needs repair. They will also let you know about security issues that might arise during their shift. Any good reliable night worker will make sure your facility is secure before departure. Important things to consider when hiring a cleaning service!
Posted Jun 11, 2018

importance of recycling in the workplace
Recycling in the workplace. Being on a recycling program at work saves money for your company in that it reduces the number of dumpster pickups. It also is good for the environment. A win/win! To help encourage employees to participate, having well marked receptacles in key spots really helps. Free posters which can be printed out from the Sustainable Connections website can greatly help in informing people on what goes where as well as the benefits of participating in your recycling program.
Posted May 30, 2018

happy clean office
Imagine not having to stay late every night to dust, vacuum, clean and restock restrooms, etc. , after already performing a long hard day at work. Having someone else responsibly scheduled to do this for you can be such a great help. Leaving the task of cleaning your building to a professional cleaner leaves more peace of mind, and time and energy for you. Clean space equals healthy place, happy place for you, your employees and customers.
Posted May 21, 2018

Ugh! ...visited a local business lately and tried to use their restroom only to be chased off by urine odors...or WORSE? Give them a heads up on the positives of having professional cleaners getting their restrooms "up to snuff" and being on a regular cleaning schedule to keep them that way!
Posted May 9, 2018

interesting about colors and sponges
Interesting information regarding the sponges you use to clean up around the house. Did you know that white or lighter colored backed scrubby sponges are mildly abrasive but that the darker the color the harsher the sponge? For instance a dark green backed abrasive sponge should be used with care and can actually scratch and damage some surfaces.
Posted Apr 28, 2018

Fine tuning your well-functioning business can and should include being certain of clean and healthy facilities. You have time and expertise to run the business, but who does your cleaning? Things to consider correcting at your place of business - for the sake of your employees and for your customers too are germy touch points, dirty appearance, poor air quality, offensive odors, un-stocked restrooms, dirty floors, overflowing garbage bins, dusty surfaces, etc.. If you don’t have time to do daily cleaning yourself why not consider a professional service such as ours?
Posted Apr 16, 2018

safety cleaning tips
Sharing with you some cleaning safety tips:

1. Do not combine chemicals
2. Read directions
3. Use correct dilutions (more is NOT better)
4. Use the right product/equipment for the job
5. Use earth friendly products
6. Remember, sometimes all you really need to use is water
7. Use protective Equipment – disposable gloves, dust masks, ear plugs, etc.
(PPE=Personal Protective Equipment)
Our employees are experienced and undergo regular safety training. Contact us if you want professional janitorial cleaning service.
Posted Apr 5, 2018

Communication. It is so very important for there be a clear and easy path for communication between the client and the cleaning service provider. At our company we go the extra mile in always trying to respond to our customers quickly, any day and any time of day or night. If any problems or security issues are encountered on-the- job, a proper response and communication will take place. We are available 24/7 via email and text. Though calls coming in while we are driving (or vacuuming ) will not be answered, but we will get back to you ASAP!
Posted Mar 28, 2018

Being prepared. Your workplace, offices, factory, business place… a well prepared and ready-to-meet-the-day, each work day, every time, will have clean floors, be well dusted, have empty trash cans and clean fresh smelling and well stocked restrooms. What greets the eyes and nose of customers, workers and clients IS important.
Posted Mar 18, 2018

Healthy workplaces… the best, most reliable and consistent cleaners will make sure that your restrooms are cleaned and sanitized properly during EVERY servicing. Getting all those touch points inside and outside the restroom zone is so important in helping combat illnesses in the workplace.
Posted Mar 7, 2018

Reliable. This is what you want your cleaning service to be. They should show up when scheduled and do the tasks well…every time! Coming in to work each morning to a clean fresh smelling place is awesome! Knowing the restrooms are sanitary and stocked with tp, paper towels and soap…also awesome!
Posted Feb 26, 2018

From auto-scrubbers to toothbrushes ...You got what it takes to clean? We DO! If you run a business and want the place to shine it will need regularly scheduled servicing by a reliable cleaning service. We are one of the good ones in Bellingham. Contact us any day, any time by text or email.
Posted Feb 15, 2018

clean floors
Like clean floors? How about your restrooms? Breakrooms and kitchens? You'll want a clean fresh nice smelling workplace to benefit your employees as well as visitors and customers. Having someone reliable, fixed on a set schedule, for your after-hours cleaning is your best bet.
Posted Feb 8, 2018

Profitable management practices for your building should always include proper and regular cleaning of workplace surfaces and flooring not to mention very necessary restroom care and trash removal. An example of how a regularly cleaned building profits you? A regularly vacuumed and well maintained carpet lasts longer saving in replacement costs.
Posted Jan 31, 2018

Flu Season …Bleaugh! We believe sanitizing touch points really helps reduce sick days. Need professional cleaning for your place of business? We contract for scheduled janitorial cleaning for offices, businesses, factories, and more.
Posted Jan 22, 2018

Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. When hiring a company to clean your place of business you will want one you trust. Always check references before deciding on the one you will entrust with your building’s cleaning routine.
Posted Jan 13, 2018

we got this
Kick off the new year by contracting for a daily or weekly cleaning service and make your employees and customers so happy! Task us with your end of day or night cleaning so that you do not have to worry about this important and necessary cleaning routine.
Posted Jan 4, 2018

Q: When is the worst time to run out of toilet paper?
A good janitorial cleaning company will make sure to check and re-stock all of your dispensers at every service. Happy Holidays Everyone from Spongebon Co LLC!
Posted Dec 19, 2017

Having a clean entry to your business will put you in the right light with your customers. Clean door window glass free from hand prints and dirt, a clean entry mat, clean exterior walkway. Keeping clean and maintaining these areas is good business. We do this and much, much more. Want more information on our services? Visit our website or contact us anytime with your questions.
Posted Dec 11, 2017

When hiring a cleaning company first be sure to check references, check reviews and ratings and make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded. A pre-quote meeting is a good opportunity to "interview". Also keep in mind contracting locally is an awesome thing to do!
Posted Dec 2, 2017

recycle containers
To help employees come on board with office recycling make sure there are well marked areas with containers easily accessible in all areas! :)
Posted Nov 25, 2017

For a clean smelling restroom… every surface must be cleaned regularly. Having a professional cleaning service doing this task for you on a daily basis is ideal. Need help? Give us a call! Spongebon Co LLC in Bellingham.
Posted Nov 18, 2017

Keep an old toothbrush in your cleaning caddy! A handy tip for DETAIL CLEANING is using that toothbrush for cleaning hard-to-get-at areas…such as around faucets, counter-top edges and into corners.
Posted Nov 10, 2017

If you run a business you will want the company restrooms to be clean and fresh for customers and employees. Be sure every surface is cleaned and sanitized REGULARLY, floors and walls are clean, trash removed, and dispensers are stocked. If you don’t have time… give us a call! We can schedule your restroom and office cleaning needs.
Posted Oct 29, 2017

Walk Off Mats & Runners:
Having interior mats really does help! Why is having a quality mats at your business entryways is a great idea? Stops that dirt right at the doorway! And having a regular cleaning service vacuuming these mats nightly will help maintain and extend the life of your floors and, of course, make your business look its best! Spongebon Co does janitorial cleaning. In business since 2009!
Posted Oct 20, 2017

Spongebon Co has been networking with a wonderful group of business people in Bellingham for a couple of years now. The group is called BEA, Bellingham Executives Association. Meetings are on Thursdays. Google them!
Posted Sep 14, 2017

clean breakrooms
Run a business or manage a building? Would you like to delegate the cleaning to someone other than yourself or your hard working employees? Contact us for a free estimate for scheduled janitorial cleaning!
Posted Sep 7, 2017

Spot cleaning windows is fine for daily…as in removing hand and nose prints from entry door glass for instance. But every so often a thorough indoor and out-door cleaning with a wand and squeegee is necessary. For just the quick spot cleaning, be sure to use clean dry dust free cloth or paper towel. If you bend down and glance upward to check your work you can see where you missed. Also, sunlight will be your best critic. When cleaning windows be sure to wipe off edges, sills, tracks and trim. It can make a big difference in appearance if you take care of these details.
Posted Aug 31, 2017

Hey there! Are your added after work cleaning duties putting a strain on your business…and on you? Consider the benefits of having a scheduled a janitorial cleaning service do this work for you. Spongebon Co LLC
Posted Aug 24, 2017

If you and your employees like having clean working spaces but no one wants to stay after work hours to clean it all...give us a holler! We are licensed and insured. Can provide references and proof of insurance. We dust, vacuum, take out the trash, recycle, clean sanitize and re-stock restrooms and more...
Posted Aug 18, 2017

our crew
Our awesome crew consists of 8 responsible reliable professional cleaners who care about doing quality work. They take pride in a job well done. Prior to hire each must first pass a background and references check. Each goes through job janitorial cleaning training targeted for the site they will be assigned. Quality checks are done and lines of communication are kept wide open. For more information about us and our cleaning services in Bellingham check out our website!
Posted Aug 12, 2017

What do you like best about your workplace restrooms? Are they clean and well stocked ... consistently? What bothers you the most about the restrooms at your workplace? Are they sanitary? Clean and tidy? Is there toilet paper in those dispensers? Does it smell clean in there? Whether your place is an office or a factory, etc., what impression is set in there for customers and clients is important. Day after day are your employees regarded with clean and sanitary conditions in those restrooms? If you'd like to learn more about what we can do for you and your building we are easy to reach by email any time of day. Dusting, vacuuming, trash collecting...we do janitorial cleaning by schedule to suit your needs.
Posted Aug 5, 2017

Keeping your workplace refrigerator clean
At work, lunchrooms, and break rooms should be places of comfort, rest and where you can eat your lunch in clean smelling, sanitary peace where all can access a nice clean cold place to store their food. A common problem pertaining to the shared office break room refrigerator. Some rules and understanding of basic courtesy and hygiene are really important. It’s important for everyone there to be on board with THE RULES. Here’s what we suggest:
Post a notice with a dry erasable film/coating directly onto the door of the fridge. Keep a dry erase marker and a roll of painter’s tape nearby for labeling lunches and for updating the notice. Then post the rules, such as: • All items must be labeled with owner’s name and date • No coolers or overlarge containers allowed • Remove your items by 8 pm Fridays • If you spill it – you clean it. • No unopened beverages allowed • Be aware on Fridays everything to removed or will be tossed out. Jot down the latest clean-out date and also note when the fridge next will be checked and cleaned out. Assign a different person each week to take charge of monitoring and clearing the fridge. The person in charge will make sure anything not marked, items gone bad (marked as over a week old or was unmarked) or any items otherwise breaking the rules goes into the trash.
Posted Jul 30, 2017

we will clean
How to know if your business should contract for regular cleaning service: You’ve taken on the tasks of trying to keep your facilities clean yourself and it just really cuts too much into your business time. You are unsure of which products or equipment to use for safety, health and results. At day’s end everyone is heading home but you must stay and don the rubber gloves... The day-to-day of it is wearing thin. The "In-house" employees that have volunteered, lose interest and the cleaning just does not get done. Your restrooms do not smell very good. You can smell it from the parking lot? :O Employees and customers frustratingly and embarrassingly find no toilet paper in the restroom’s dispenser. Do you hear someone yelling? Paper towel dispensers…empty? The floors have gotten gritty and looking filthy. The carpet has “dandruff” and it’s getting worse. Did it just move? Entry windows show hand prints – definitely not a good business image. The health of the environment there is questionable. Air quality, bacteria on public surfaces. The dust is causing issues with employee health and devices. Allergies. germs, “cloggitude”. Employees calling in for sinus infections, computers heating up, etc. The break room smells like very old garbage and rancid grease. Did someone forget the trash again? Things fall from the roof of the microwave into your coffee warm-up. Ewwww.
Call us!
Posted Jul 24, 2017

Recycling- the benefits it can bring to your business: Economy and environment – Waste reduction If everyone in your office or plant recycles there is much less going into the waste dumpster. Cost of removing recycle is less than the removal of trash. If you recycle you might be able to downsize the company dumpster to a smaller, a less expensive one, And, having less frequent pick-ups will save money. All saving your company much money. It is not so difficult to set your building up for recycling. There are many kinds of office and factory floor bins and sorters that can be used. Your cleaning crew at night can make sure the recycle goes into the proper toters for pick-up. If you want to read more about how setting up a recycle program at your workplace can help save money, visit Toward Zero Waste at Sustainable Connections.
Posted Jul 18, 2017

Have a business in the Bellingham area?
Need quality cleaning service for your place of business in our area? Contact us for a free quote – we can formulate a monthly flat rate for your scheduled cleanings. We clean offices, break rooms, meeting rooms, entryways, lobbies, restrooms, boardrooms, waiting rooms, and more …
Posted Jul 12, 2017

We provide professional quality janitorial cleaning services for commercial sites such as office buildings, factories, clinics, etc.. If you'd like scheduled cleanings for your place of business feel free to email us anytime to set up for a free quote. We are insured, bonded and have excellent references. Been in business since 2009.
Posted Jul 9, 2017

We Love Getting These Emails!
So nice getting emails like these! This came this morning in a email from a facilities manager at one of our work sites last month: “I just want to Thank you and your great crew for doing a GREAT job this year. I know it’s been hard with us at a max head count of over 900 employees. They all did Great Thanks” HT This came last week: "Everything is good. Since moving to your services I have not had one complaint from the employees. " 3D We are very fortunate to have such very wonderful, careful, detail oriented employees! Thanks to our awesome crew! :)
Posted Jul 9, 2017

floor refinish work
A view showing a floor we worked on over the 4th of July holidays at Heath Tecna. Besides the occasional floor work at this location, we have diligently been doing their daily janitorial cleaning here (Heath Tecna/Zodiac) since March of 2009
Posted Jul 6, 2017

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