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Sponges, Floor Pads and Colors:

Here is something kind of interesting about the sponge you use at home...

... and how your professional janitorial service knows exactly what to use to safely and effectively clean surfaces and for the cleaning and re-finishing of floors at your facility.

Did you know that the differences in harsh to mild usually relates to the colors of the sponges or their backing? The normal standard is dark to light  =  harsh to mild.
For instance a green or dark green backed sponge is a choice you would NOT want to make for use on windows, mirrors, Plexiglas, white boards, smooth finish stainless steel, many metal finishes, etc. ...or on your car's finish, for example. This type of sponge can haze, scratch and damage a lot of surfaces so be very careful when using these anywhere.

A plain sponge or a white backed one would be the best choice for these surfaces.

A blue sponge is a middle of the ground choice, and most times a good product to use for general cleaning, but still be awareb and careful of which surfaces might be safe when using any abrasive cleaning product. When in doubt, check with the manufacturer or refer to any cleaning instructions that may have come with the item you wish to clean.
Most manufacturers of floor pads use this same coloring standard.

The darker the pad the harsher it is - the lighter the color the softer.

A black pad is the harshest or roughest, and is normally used to strip old finish from flooring. The brown is also used for stripping but not as harsh or rough, then the blue is less harsh, red is ok for basic scrubbing/cleaning of floor, and then when you get to the lightest color, white, these are quite soft and are used for polishing and burnishing.

We buy our floor pads and sponges at Bay City Supply in Bellingham and at CleanFreak. There is a great video created by The Janitorial Store, explaing more on choosing the correct floor buffer pads.

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