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Spongebon Co cleaning janitorial services

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For a free quote for cleaning/janitorial service for your building send us an email.
We currently supply cleaning services in Whatcom County only. Most clients schedule us to do the cleaning during the evening hours. We can do daily, bi-weekly or weekly service. We could set up a trial period of cleaning if you wish.
We will reply to your email promptly. You may wish to arrange for a meeting with us, or to set an appointment for a walk-through of your facility or just to have us answer any questions that you might have. To help us begin your estimate or quote we will be asking some of the following preliminary suggested questions:

  • Company Name?
  • Contact's Name?
  • Contact's email address?
  • Are you local? (within Whatcom County?)
  • Approximate Square Footage of your Facilities?
  • Number of and sizes of Restrooms?
  • Number of and general size of Lunchrooms, Break rooms, coffee areas (Seating capacity and usage)?
  • Number of Meeting Rooms/Conference Rooms?
  • Number of Offices/Cubicles?
  • Carpeted areas, hard flooring information?
  • Usage - Number of employees?
  • Frequency of Cleaning you require - Do you want: Daily, Bi-weekly, Weekly, A Trial?
  • Do you currently have a cleaning service?